Davis Advanced Dental Prosthetics
The Davis Bridge.
Raising the bar in Zirconia bridge design.

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Designed to give you maximum precision.

Introducing the Davis Bridge. It utilises better computer planning to create greater precision so the provisional bridge is fabricated to fit on the day of surgery. You won't even need a lab technician in theatre. Unlike existing designs, it eliminates any guesswork needing only minimal adjustment thus simplifying the whole procedure.

It raises the bar in bridge design by introducing one.

The Davis Bridge is a significant advancement over existing systems because it incorporates the use of a titanium bar into the design that makes the bridge much stronger.

The advanced design is also far more practical as the bridge is luted to the bar and, if required, can be easily removed again and serviced.

A simple two piece design.

Because the Davis Bridge uses special resins to lute the Zirconia onto the titanium bar, the Davis Bridge can be milled from a single piece of Zirconia. This makes it simpler to assemble and stronger. In the very unlikely event the implant fails, we can also disassemble the prosthesis and retrofit new componentry, thus eliminating the need for a total remake.


Maximum strength with Zirconia on titanium.

The Davis Bridge is made from Prettau Zirconia. This gives it the triple benefit of optimal translucency, more natural appearance and the highest possible strength. (1200 mpa of flexural strength)

Moreover, the titanium bar reinforces the Zirconia so a 'titanium to titanium' interface with the implant is created, making the prosthesis appropriate for even the most conservative treatment plan. And with the load sharing titanium bar supporting the Zirconia, there's additional strength but less bulk.

All up, the Davis Bridge gives you the strength of metal at the interface of the implants, combined with the biocompatibility and strength of Zirconia at the incisal and occlusal surfaces.

Backed by a 10 Year Warranty.

That's the confidence Zirconia and titanium materials give you. Both are inherently strong and being biocompatible they are far more hygienic than traditional materials, particularly as Zirconia is far less prone to absorbing bodily fluids, which is the case with resin hybrids. That's why we confidently offer a 10 Year Warranty.

A Lifetime Titanium Warranty.

The Davis Bridge also utilises state of the art components such as Nobel Biocare Procera titanium bars for All on Four cases. This gives you a lifetime warranty on the implants in addition to our 10-year warranty on the Zirconia. A Davis Bridge will also look good longer with Zirconia inherently better at maintaining its cosmetic properties for longer, compared to acrylic hybrid prostheses.


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The appeal of a more natural appearance
with a Davis Bridge.

The Davis Bridge includes a porcelain veneer which is
colour matched to your patient's needs giving a more
natural appearance. This veneer is then layered on the
buccal surface of the restoration but not on the incisal or occlusal surfaces so the teeth are 100% Zirconia in the
loading areas. This massively improves the strength of the prosthetic restoration thus reducing the risk of patients chipping the bridge to virtually zero.


Less bone removal than comparable systems.

The beauty of this for patients is it results in a Davis Bridge having a more refined look. That's because the inherent strength
of combining Zirconia with titanium means there is less superstructure work required compared to when using materials
such as acrylic.


Introducing Davis Advanced Dental Prosthetics – pioneering better solutions.

Since establishing our laboratory in 1993, Davis Advanced Dental Prosthetics has been pioneering developments to produce better and more advanced dental prosthetics. Not just in their strength but their colour too.

Digital Shade Taking Software.

Naturally everyone's teeth are a different colour, which presents a challenge for prosthetics. So we pioneered the development of a Digital Shade Taking software program. It simplifies and improves the accuracy of colour matching.



Match the colour from your surgery.

We also offer the convenience of digital shade matching from your surgery. You can simply upload patient photos to our special web site page where we will shade match them free of charge. To find out more about this, call us on 02 4721 0388  or email us at info@davisadp.com.au


Utilise our own on-site shade matching facility.

There is also the option, where practical and required, of sending your patients to our on-site dedicated facility for complimentary shade taking.

Pioneering Zirconia use.

Our laboratory was one of the first in Australia to investigate the application of Zirconia for all dental prosthetics. We now offer two grades of Zirconia:

  • Prettau Zirconia with its superior cosmetic properties making it ideally suited for highly visible anterior applications.
  • Valencia Zirconia the more cost effective variant for posterior indications.

We were also the first laboratory in Australia to have our own on-site ZirkonZahn milling facility to control and guarantee the quality of
our product.

Quality assured and approved.

Lastly and importantly all materials used by Davis Advanced Dental Prosthetics are of course fully TGA registered.

Simple and stress free finance.

Finance for your patients' Davis Bridge is available through companies like MacCredit. Application is easy with flexible plans to suit individual patient needs. It's another way Davis Advanced Dental Prosthetics can make the process simpler and stress free for your patients.