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A reoccurring issue in our professional circles is the question whether solid, full-contour zirconia crowns are at all indicated in the view of aesthetics, abrasion characteristics, compatibility and strength. Can we recommend them to our patients?

As far as (full-anatomical-contour) solid Zirconia restorations are concerned we all agree that a special translucent zirconia material is needed first.

For this reason the highly translucent Prettau Zirconia was developed, which is used in conjunction with a specialized colouring technique that eliminates the use of veneer ceramics entirely. In this way aesthetically pleasing full-zirconia (FZ) restorations, i.e. the ‘Prettau Bridge’ can be realized.

Especially in the field of implant dentistry, in case of limited available space or restorations with the tissue flanges, Prettau Zirconia comes into a world of its own.

One of the many advantages is the complete elimination of posterior occlusal chipping because only the labial or buccal surfaces are porcelain veneered; all functional areas are maintained as solid Prettau zirconia.

And at Davis Advanced Dental Prosthetics, we have the experience, with over 12,000 Zirconia restorations, a unique system offering extremely high strength while making no compromises in aesthetics, compatibility, durability and function.

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